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ASGRD 2018 integration with Thycotic
Hi Sylvain,

hope you had a great vacation :-)

I'm sorry for the not working RADIUS auth - currently we do not have a working RADIUS server - so we implemented just the functionality given by the API from Secret Server.

Can you tell me how it is working if you use the web service directly? In my understanding you connect/configure the RADIUS auth to your Secret Server installation - then you have to get a password/token on RADIUS and that password/token is sent to SecretServer to authenticate (additionally to username/pwd/domain/...) - is this correct? What kind of error do you get?

You can also send me your answer by mail ( if you like more than the forum - if possible I would try to implement again in my TestApp and let you try this before you have to wait for the next Patch - would really like to ensure this is working asap...
Not to reopen a dead thread but we are trying to implement a service account and leverage mfa on that account to reach into secret server. I am not quite sure how/what i should be creating for the radius token. any insight would be appreciated
Hi, unfortunately through vacation for the next 2 weeks we are a bit short on ressources and I'm not so deep into secret server to give you a speedy answer. I'll try to activate my test system - hopefully I can find something that helps. Otherwise I have to ask for some patience.
Best regards,
-- --
no problem. thank you sir. I appreciate any assistance you are able to provide!

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