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Error Occured on Executing an SQL Statement

Since our upgrade to ASG 2018, one of our many environments is having an issue.
Users are getting an error message after a log out or re-connecting from a RDP session.
The error message is: "An Error Occured on executing an SQL statement".

More info:
- This environment is the largest we have at the moment (1,1 GB)
- Since upgrade to version 2018 (installed patch 2)
- Multiple users are impacted
- My team is working on another environment and nobody has this issue.
- Sometimes ASG freezes completely and needs to be killed via Task Manager (after getting this error of course)
- DB's are running on a SQL Geo Cluster (same Geo Cluster as always)
- See attachment for screenshots and log events
- Activated error log option, was disabled.

Thank you for your help!

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.txt   eventlog2.txt (Size: 4.67 KB / Downloads: 403)
Did you try to use DataOptimizer to shrink the size of your database? Also logs should be limited if possible.

You can set a higher Timeout (in Environment settings) - but for a single SQL statement 15 seconds should be enough.

How many objects do you have in your environment? The error happens when Properties are saved - DataOptimizer should be able to merge a lot of properties that have the same content.
Data Optimizer seems to work, no error logs anymore since yesterday morning.
I've only enabled error logs for this issue, rest is disabled.

How can I see the total of objects in a environment?

Thank you!
We have no statistics inside ASGRD - but with MS SQL Management Studio you could query it by using

SELECT count(*) FROM Items
9444 Objects.
That's quite a lot, I guess?

After a while, this issue re-appeared.
As you suggested, I've applied the Data Optimizer (a couple of times) and increased the connection timeout to 60 seconds.

Is there anything else that I can try?

Thank you
Can you try to upgrade to Patch3 - we did some code changes to prevent this type of error...
Has anybody the error who is using the database or just one person? On a specific object or for all?
Will do!

Some colleagues are having this issue, but only in one environment (we have more than 10 environments).
And I think it's for all objects. It's hard to track it because this environment has 9444 objects.

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