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Upgrading from 2011 to 2012
I successfully upgraded our 2011 Enviroment (test) to vision app 2012. Once all the issues are sorted we plan to then upgrade this to the latest version.

One of the main issues I have is i can't find the User-defined Roles section in 2012. We have quite a complex set up with permission set up around users in groups will only see certain folders.

Correct me if I am wrong but the only way that I can see for us to do the same level of user restriction is by opening the folders and assigning security groups to each folder. It doesn't seem to have upgraded our current permission that was in the user-defined roles in 2011.
Is there anyway of upgrading the user-defined roles (2011) into the Security assigned groups in 2012.
Hopes this makes sense.
Some years ago version 2011 and 2012 - but yes we implemented a complete new security model - and it was not really compatible with the old one - the new model allows you to inherit security assignments from folder to all sub objects and you can select very granular what the user can do.

If you plan to upgrade to 2018 - I think it makes sense first to upgrade and then try to set new permissions for your users - because I think there are some new security properties in version 2018 to the old 2015 and you will to check this after upgrading...

Sorry, migration of the old permissions is not possible / available.
Hi Oliver, I'm also planning on upgrading to the latest version. Is that process difficult when you're on the old version like 2011?
Not really difficult - install version 2012, open your current database and the data will be migrated - then install version 2018 - create a new environment then choose Environment=>Upgrade from 2012 - your data will be read and transferred to 2018 data source - after that you should run the DataOptimizer because the data structure has changed and it could be optimized if it is migrated 1:1 from an old version - if you use Permissions you should also check that afterwards...

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