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ASG 2019 U4 - VNC Viewer not working

i have recently upgraded to ASG 2019 with the upgrade of my notebook (from ASG 2018). I have been using this installation for a couple of weeks now and have just now encountered a problem with the VNC Viewer. (This was the first time using VNC Viewer with ASG2019.)

When trying to connect to a host via VNC i get the Error Message:" Cannot connect via VNC protocol. Please check the available protocols with Components Check..." (see. Attachment "1.png")
When opening Administration > Components Check the whole ASG Window screws up and is not able to display some of the text. (see. Attachment "2.png")
Nevertheless i was trying to fix the VNC Viewer component which is "either not installed or not working correctly" (see. Attachment "3.png")
After clicking the "button with no text" i am greeted with the following error message (see. Attachment "4.png")

The Copy Information Output is:
The internal VNC component is either not installed or not working correctly.

I allready have uninstalled and reinstalled ASG 2019, thinking i might have not selected a "install vnc viewer" check-mark in the installation wizard.
Is there a way to manually install the vnc component into asg? I dont want to install a 3rd party vnc viewer, because i like the VNC integration.

Can someone please help me with debugging this problem?

I am running:
Windows 10 Enterprise 1809, Build: 17763.615
ASG Remote Desktop 2019 Version: 12.0.6420.1


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Please run ASG-RD in elevated mode so the VNC componente could be correctly registered via button in the components check. Should look like that:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3750]

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Dear Michael,

thanks for your quick reply. That seemed to do the trick.
For some reason i did not think of that.

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