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Migration to new server running SQL Express

I am currently running ASG RDP 2015. It's running on an SQL 2008. We are going to decommission this server, so I would like to move the RDP Db to a new server running SQL Express 2017. Can someone point me in the right direction.

Just make a "Backup" of your database (using SQL Management Studio) - copy the file to your new server and "Restore" your database - then you need to create a new environment - choose "Connect to an existing database" and enter the new database information - that's it
Thanks for the reply. Not 100% sure, but does ASG RDP have to be run locally where SQL Express is installed in order for it to work? In other words, if I have SQL Express installed on PC1, but ASGRDP is installed on PC2, ASGRDP won't be able to connect to the Db, because it's a limitation of SQL Express?
All good. I couldn't connect for some reason, via the ASG app and SSMS, and someone told me there might be a network connection limitation. Resolved the issue. I had to enable TCP\IP under the SQL Netowkr Config settings.

Thanks for the help

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