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Support for generic Jumphost

Does ASG Remote Desktop have support for a generic Jumphost? 

As in: I have a network with servers that I only have a single connection to, and I have to jump from that to the rest of the hosts. The servers is a mix of RDP / SSH / VNC / ICA, so I cannot use the RD Gateway to solve this problem.
I do not want to have a seperate ASG-install for the users to open on this host, but connect (seamlessly with a preconfigured setup) from our management network.

I can try some small ascii-art for clarification:

Management network --- >  Host 1
                       >  Host 2
                       -- Jumphost 1
                                    > Host 3 (to the user, this should be seamless, and they shouldn't need to know about the jumphost)
                                    > Host 4
Not really supported - perhaps you could do by command line options but then you need two data sources that must be synced and it's just a thought - don't know if it would really make sense and would work

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