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ASG-RemoteDesktop 2019 - Interface locked, unable to interact or click anything
Lately we've been having this *weird* problem where our ASG clients will lock up.  Nothing's greyed out and everything looks like it's still responsive, but trying to click on anything results in a audio *ding* like there's a prompt that requires our attention before we can return to our work.  However, we can't find ANY pop-up that we can click "OK" or "Cancel" on to get back to work.

After suffering through this for not-sure-how-long, one of our techs decided to selectively kill any processes related to ASG, including a putty.exe we had open as per an ASG SSH connection.  This did the trick and the software was responsive again, leading us to believe there's some "connection time-out" window popping up that we're not seeing.

I know this is the vaguest of descriptions, but if anyone has any clue whatsoever we would greatly appreciate it!
We have customized Putty only in setting the password via command line (not in clear text) - so it can be that Putty displays any messages that causes these issues

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