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VNC with remote host thats using (8) monitors
I have an unusual situation, we have a bunch of machines, lets call them "Octo's", each machine has (8) 1920x1080 outputs
We can connect to the machines perfectly fine, but ASG (vnc) squashes all 8 remote screens into one on the machine connecting with ASG 2019.

Ive messed with the Appearance / Auto Size Mode and the Connection / Display / Auto size and havent had any luck.
Attached is the example of the default view (all 8 remote screens in one local screen) (sorry had to blur some company info out)

Im trying to get a view, locally, where the user can have a slide bar to move from the screen 1 (that has the start menu) to the other screens.

Any ideas?

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Thats indeed a bit unusal and unfortunately I can't retrace that right now because I don't have multiple monitor vnc machines. But I would assume you have to configure the VNC-server accordingly. As far as I know is this mostly done on the server side and the VNC client connects to whats presented. In most settings a display could be choosen by ":0" or ":1" after the display parameter.
Hope that sends you in the right direction.
Best regards,
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