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Reconnect all and Overview thumbnails not working
Runs ASGRD 2019 (12.0.6504.1) on Win10.

Sometimes ASGRD hangs (suddenly unresponsive - often seems when I change away from the app and then back, but not sure this is the case every time), but anyway this force me to close/kill it.

When I start ASGRD again, for some reason it starts in Window mode instead of Maximized. And because it reopens all the last tabs as soon as it starts (which is great) and before I have a chance to maximize the window, all the connections opens small, especially when I maximize the ASGRD application window = they only take up a small part of each tab area. And thus I need to reconnect all of them to reset the RDP connection size to use the whole tab area.

No problem, because you added the "Reconnect all" feature in Overview for me years ago *but* it seems it no longer works.

- Click Overview tab.
- Connections>Reconnect all active connections
- All tab thumbnails are refreshed to a small version of the Overview tab (instead of each actual tab contents) - and few or no tabs are reconnected / resized
- Retry a couple of times, not really helping
- If I select one or more tabs, and go back to Overview the thumbnail of these tabs now look correct
- When I then do a "Reconnect all..." again the tabs I have just "visited" reconnects and resize ok. The ones I didn't "visit" will remain un-reconnected and un-resized.


If I want to refresh all tabs, I first have to activate them one by one, and then go to Overview and click Reconnect all.
This used to work in an earlier version, but I'm not sure when it stopped working.

Also "Refresh thumbnails" on Overview do not work anymore, it has no effect what so ever :-S

Please do your magic Smile
- Fix Reconnect all
- Fix thumbnails showing thumbnail of "Overview" after Reconnect All
- Fix app not opening maximized after crash
- Fix Refresh thumbnails

Ok, one by one :-)

Normally the size after app crash should be restored correctly - don't know what is going wrong - the size is stored in your profile.xml and is restored on startup (normally)

Overview - Refresh Thumbnails - this is only working if the control is visible - so we implement a "Rotate connection windows" button in the toolbar - this switch the tabs automatically and all tabs should be visible afterwards in the Overview - we can't get the correct image of the thumbnail if it is not visible...

The "Reconnect all" seems to work for me - but I will try to end the app by task manager and see if this change anything - in normal mode it is working...
Hi Oliver,

Window size
If I close the app normally it remembers, but if it crashes when it hangs it doesnt work for me. Is the location saved on exit - or continously on an interval when it is open to account for a crash?

Overview - Refresh Thumbnails
Yes, but I remember when we talked about the "Refresh thumbnails" feature years ago, it was implemented so when you selected "Refresh thumbnails" it would cycle through all tabs very fast, and in that way get a refreshed thumbnail. Right now it seems it doesn't do anything when clicking "Refresh thumbnails".

Reconnect all
You can test it just by resizing the ASGRD window. This will scale all RDP sessions. If I then select a tab and click "Reconnect" it will be reconnected and resized ok.
But - as with last week - it doesnt work if I resize the window, click Overview and then "Reconnect all". I still have to activate each tab before clicking "Reconnect all" for it to properly resize the session. I can reproduce it, so this is not connected to the app crashing.

Also I had one tab that had trouble connecting, so it had a "Reconnect now" button. This tab did not reconnect until I clicked the "Reconnect now" button.
Will try to fix all of them :-)
Thanks as always Smile

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