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Propeties of object are gone
We have an issue with our ASG Remote Desktop application.
This morning we received and message from ASG that the database was offline, while it was still attached in SQL. We successfully reconnect the ASG application to the database. But after that moment we where unable to manage the properties of de devices anymore.
The strange thing is, that it not looks like happening for every object.
2 weeks ago, we had the same issue and we restored the database to an earlier moment. But now, it is the second time and hopefully you can help me with fixing it permanently.
We are using the latest version: ASG-RemoteDesktop 2020 13.0.6667.1, x64
See also the screenshot attached.

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Please check "Roles" under your root Connections object - this is the seond time this issue is reported - but we didn't found the reason - always after reconnecting from offline mode - have to investigate this issue...
Thank you. That solved the issue.
Hopefully you will found the reason soon.

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