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Upgrade from 2016 to 2020
I have inherited an old installation of ASG Remote Desktop v 2016 and now being tasked with upgrade to 2020.  I have renewed the licensing but I'm not finding much documentation on the upgrade path or procedures. Is it better to just start over?  Do we clone the Database to a new SQL server and perform an upgrade?  Does it automatically copy all the information from the old database to the new one as part of the upgrade?  Thanks in advance to anyone that can point me in the right direction.  I'm new to this application.
Hi Centura,

The 2016 database could be used in 2020 but needs migration. To be able to do that its a good idea to import the new license (you need for the 2020 version) into the 2016 environment. Because otherwise the old license in the database might prevent a migration. Then a migration dialogue should be displayed asking for a useraccount that has needed database access for that. Should be done in seconds. That's it.
It's advisable to do a backup first or create a clone first if you want to have a safe copy of you old environment.
Hope that helps,
best regards,
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