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Find Items - Remember Settings
Please add feature to remember the "Find Items" window settings when closing ASGRD and recall on launch (per-user).  I have Find Items docked on the left side (narrow), so every time I open the application, I have to undock, change the scope and re-dock.  (There's no way to scroll across the toolbar to set the scope without undocking it.)

It's a minor inconvenience and it would be nice if ASGRD remembered my preference.

I'm sorry - but I don't understand your request - all windows are restored in their last position - what do you mean with " change the scope and re-dock. (There's no way to scroll across the toolbar to set the scope without undocking it.)"

Perhaps a screenshot of how it should be and what current status is? Or some more words :-)
Thank you for your response.  I'll try to explain myself better...

When I launch ASG-RD, my Find Items window is docked on the left side:

However, the drop-down list for "in" always resets to 'All'.  To change it from 'All' to 'Connections' (my preference), I must undock the window, change the drop-down and then re-dock.  (The undock is necessary because  you cannot scroll to the right to access the drop-down list).

Once I've made the change, I then re-dock the window on the left side and now I can just type text into the Find text-box to find the connection I want.  If ASG-RD would remember my preference for the "In" drop-down, I wouldn't have to do this on each launch.  (in other words, if I change the drop-down to 'Connections', I would like the application to keep that setting the next time I open the app.)

Hopefully that's clearer now.

Thanks for considering my request!
Ok - understand - we will fix it for the next patch...

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