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ASG-RD 2020 opening with SQL errors
Hello, we have a shared SQL environment where ASGRD database is located. ASG-RD 2020 is installed on a separate server. The application was working fine for around 2 months, but now when it is opened, there are a few SQL  Error dialog boxes displayed. Simply clicking OK through them does allow the application to open and it seems to function just fine. Curious if anyone knows about the dialog boxes? Kind of odd that it just started happening out of the blue.

SQL DB server is Windows 2016 running SQL Server 2016 (SP2-CU11-GDR)
ASG-RD application server is Windows 2012R2 running ASG-RD 2020 Patch 2

We were running ASG-RD 2016 Patch 2 for the longest time and just recently upgraded to ASG-RD 2020 Patch 1 and went through the normal DB migration process. The application was running fine and then about a month ago we started to see the SQL errors upon running. So just a couple of days ago I updated to Patch 2, but the SQL errors still come up.

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Can you check if you have limited the logs? Goto Settings=>Logs and set a maximum of log entries or a time frame... perhaps the size is too big and the action takes to long...

if that not helps please post the details of the error BaseItemGet - want to see if it is running into timeout?!?

You also can run the Data Optimizer - check all steps inside the wizard to see if there is some bad data, data that be optimized and so on...

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