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Chrome not shown under HTTP/S
Hello everyone.

Q1:  In the Tools->HTTP/S settings, there is a dropdown that has Chromium, IE, and Firefox.  For some reason Chrome is missing.  Do I have to enter the in manually somewhere?

Q2:  I have many pieces of hardware... some old, some new, but they all have a web interface.  The problem is that the older ones only work with IE11, and I have some that will work only in HTML-5 compatible browsers.  Is there a way to make each connection use the browser of choice?  I would really like it to be in the tabs.  If not, I can do an external app setting, but then I lose the tab feature.  Fortunately there are only a few that need IE11...

Chromium is the framework of Chrome - so we just use the framework Chromium but not the application Chrome!

Of course it can be specified for each connection - just add in your connection object the role HTTP/S and you can override the "general browser engine"

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