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ASG 2020 - Slow interface interaction

I use ASG since VisionApp, since 10 years ago.
I've always updated to latest version.
But once in a while the ASG got sluggish, with slow interface, you clicked on an connection and it took 1-2 seconds to register the Click.

But now, since 1 month aprox, maybe after the latest update, the interface is slow all the time.
When I double click on an connection, it takes 1-2 seconds to highlight the connection, and if I want to quickly open another RDP and I double click on other server, it will actually open the same previous connection once or twice.

It's getting frustrating.
I've performed Components check and data Optimizer, I've excluded the ASG folder from Antivirus scan, I use NVMe SSD.. I've closed Chrome browser.. but none of them fixed the issue.
the settings.xml file has 6MB.
When performing the Data Optimizer, I've selected the "properties inherited from parent" and broke all the settings about the RD gateway.. I had to recover from an older backup.. not nice..
I've created a new Environment and imported the backup (aprox 2200 objects) and it's much faster now. - Is this something we need to do periodically to work acceptable?

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ASG 2020 - Slow interface interaction - by mariusm - 25-07-2020, 04:55 PM

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