ASG-RD 2020 - Patch7 (Build 13.0.6985.1)
ASG-RD 2020 Patch7 (13.0.6985.1) is available!

To use this version you need a valid subscription until 01/01/2021

If you have already installed any ASG-RD 2020 version you need to close your application and then install the new version. You don't need to uninstall your old version.
Caution - Migration of datasource necessary - for all versions older than 2019 - older clients can still connect to the upgraded database.

ASG-RD 2020 Patch7 (x64)
ASG-RD 2020 Patch7 (x64) (incl. SQL Express)

ASG-RD 2020 Patch7 (x86)
ASG-RD 2020 Patch7 (x86) (incl. SQL Express)

For any feedback you can use the ASG-RD support forum.

The following ReleaseNotes describes the fixed issues and new features/enhancements.


- QuickConnect - "Full Connection Properties" will be saved correctly in database mode
- GeckoFX - Links that open new windows are working now

New features/enhancements

- Extension of "Mateso Password Safe" sync - user based forms / fields can be assigned to ASGRD fields in global settings
- New option global Settings->Connections - Save data in QuickConnect when using "Full Connection Properties" dialog
- "External Apps menu" added to ContextMenu and Toolstrip of active Connections (tab/window)
- New Chromium version => 86.0.24
- New GeckoFX version => 60.0.52
- New KeePass version => 2.47

The 64Bit-version of ASG-RD has the following limitations
- No ICA protocol is supported (Citrix do not plan to release a 64bit client software)

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