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Quick connect password selection
I often use Quick Connect (see attached picture) where I type the server name and pick the credential from my stored credentials...

Can we get the picking of credentials adjusted a little to work better with just keyboard.

I click in the Computer field type the server name then tab to get into the Credential field - then I can use up/down arrow and hit Enter to launch the connection....

I cannot get a popup with the credential list without using the mouse...
If I use the mouse to get a popup then I can use up/down arrow to find the credential - BUT I CANNOT HIT ENTER to launch the connection... could that be fixed?

1. fix that I can hit ENTER to a credential from the popup list
2. fix popup so that if I use PgUp PgDn in the Credentials field I get the popup and can browse pages up and down... and narrow down with up/down arrow... launch with Enter...


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I just see that you are still using version 2020 - we won't offer any updates for version 2020 anymore...

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