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Sending Windows Keys to Remote Server
I need the feature that I am able to send a key combination for example Strg+Alt+Entf (German keyboard) to the remote server. When I am logged in to remote server through your tool asg remote desktop and hit the key combination on my keyboard the menu is popping up on my local machine and not on the remote server.
Before we used your tool we used RemoteDesktopManager and in this tool there was an option in the top action bar which was called "send keys" in this option below there were several key combinations for selection also my needed combination Strg+Alt+Entf.

Is this functionality also possible in asg remote desktop?

Of course - you can show an additional toolbar for each connection (Settings=>Layout=>Position of additional toolbar) - or right click the tab/window header and there you find "Send Ctrl-Alt-Del"
Hello Oliver,

thanks for the fast answer and the great hint. Was not aware that on top is possibility to do right click on tab.

I saw the forum post about the issue you're having with sending key combinations to the remote server using ASG Remote Desktop. It sounds like you're looking for a feature that was available in a different tool, RemoteDesktopManager, where you could select key combinations from a menu. It's possible that a similar feature might be available in ASG Remote Desktop, but if you're having trouble finding it, it might be worth checking out some discussions on platforms like Reddit to see if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations. You might also consider reaching out to the ASG support team for assistance.

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