ASG-RD 2021 Patch4 (Build 14.0.7132.1)
ASG-RD 2021 Patch4 (14.0.7132.1) is available!

To use this version you need a valid subscription until 05/01/2021

Caution - You can use version 2021 without upgrading your datasource from version 2020 - but some details have changed and can't be used by both versions without loosing some information. So backup your data before upgrading to the new main release.
Redesign from Version 2020 to Version 2021 - details can be read in the ReleaseNotes of Version 2021

ASG-RD 2021 Patch4 (x64)
ASG-RD 2021 Patch4 (x64) (incl. SQL Express)

ASG-RD 2021 Patch4 (x86)
ASG-RD 2021 Patch4 (x86) (incl. SQL Express)

For any feedback you can use the ASG-RD support forum (for version 2021).


- Navigation window will collapse if in auto-hide-mode and RDP/VNC/ICA-Connection got focus
- OnePassword sync - problem in reading some data is solved
- Properties dialog - root nodes can't be selected anymore

New features/enhancements

- New Filter-Setting - Show entire branch of search results (Find Panel)

The 64Bit-version of ASG-RD has the following limitations
- No ICA protocol is supported (Citrix do not plan to release a 64bit client software)

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