ASG-RD 2022 - Patch10 (Build 15.0.7624.1)
ASG-RD 2022 - Patch10 (15.0.7624.1) is available!

To use this version you need a valid subscription until 10/01/2022

Caution - Database Upgrade necessary for versions older than 15.0 (2022)!

ASG-RD 2022 Patch10 (x64)
ASG-RD 2022 Patch10 (x64) (incl. SQL Express)

ASG-RD 2022 Patch10 (x86)
ASG-RD 2022 Patch10 (x86) (incl. SQL Express)

For any feedback you can use the ASG-RD support forum (for version 2021/22).


- Copy of connections is now also working if no usage data is available for this object
- Roles on folder level - Switching between "Default and Inherited" values is possíble
- Optimization of DataOptimizer in CommandLine-Mode
- Keeper Secrets Manager - removed from x86 version as the API dll is not working in x86 mode
- Save connections / layout on every connect/disconnect now also saves the QuickConnect-Sessions correctly - should prevent an unexpected error on startup after a program crash
- Import of rde files - Favorites will also be imported correctly
- Data-Optimizer via CommandLine - Changes will be commited back to database
- Connection-Properties - RDP-Resources - selection of local drives is saved correctly

New features/enhancements

- PuTTY - New version 0.78
- PuTTY-CAC - New version 0.78
- DataOptimizer - new command line paramater /optimizerlogfile:file

The 64Bit-version of ASG-RD has the following limitations
- No ICA protocol is supported (Citrix do not plan to release a 64bit client software)

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