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Blank computer icons
Hi team,

I have an error that in that whenever there is a folder made, I get a blank computer made as well.

Note this picture
[Image: 7xHr62z.jpg]

You see that I have 4 folders, EX, HY, LY and MG, and immediately below I have 4 blank hosts.

If I delete those blank hosts, my folders get deleted.

To compound matters, I'm the only user out of 8 whom use the vision app, and no others report this problem, even though we all seem to be on the same versions.

We are using version 7.0.3328.0

How can I get stop this blank computers from displaying?


I think that was a known issue is that version - but the version is too old, we can't support/fix problems in that version - you need to upgrade to a newer version...

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