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migrate from 2010 to 2015
Hi, I have visionapp remote desktop 2010 r2 on my laptop. I am changing my laptop. Since this version is no longer available (2010), I have downloaded your latest remote desktop 2015. Here are my questions;

1- Can I export my connections from 2010 version to 2015? (I tried using .csv but nothing appears after successful import, even though everything is in the .csv)
2- Do I have to buy another licence or I can use the one I already have when I purchased the 2010 version?
3- Is it possible to download the 2010 r2 version instead? I don’t want to buy the software each time I change computers.

1. You need to migrate first to version 2012
2. I think your maintenance is over - so you would need to buy a new license
Ok, thanks very much for the precision and for the 2012 version. I will then purchase the new version.


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