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2011 -> 2012 ->2015
I'm trying to migrate form 2011 to 2012 (and then to 2015)

The old server is on our dev domain and the new comes in production available for every user.
both servers are Win2k8r2 with SQL 2008 so there is no other difference.
On the old system all users authenticated with their production credentials.

I've made a backup and restored it.
And the installed the new version and this did the upgrade.
With the administrative production user (new user for visionapp) I can see All connections. (except maybe private coz this one has none).
I'v made a vRDDbUser to access the database, just like in 2010/2011
I've enabled user authentication and made an administrative and a user group.
Put the vRDDbUser in the admin group, and company_all in the usergroup.

but I do want every user to authenticate again with their production user.
So the connection string uses the VRDDbUser.
but at startup you use windows authentication.

now the problem is with my normal production user I no longer see any connection, credentials or whatever, just the 3 groups.

I've tried to search the help but didn't find anything usfull.

What did I do wrong ?

searching for days, made thread = found sollution.
=> security is now on the objects themselves and not in a sepearate folder.

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