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version 2010 r2 licence
Hi, I have migrated visionapp 2010 r2 to my new laptop. I don't have my old licence and since it's been more than 1 year, i guess i have to buy another licence right?

If so, if I buy a new licence, will it work with the 2010 r2 version I have?

If not, can I upgrade to latest version without loosing all my data?

You can try to login to the shop system - perhaps you can find your old license there...

With a new license you can use all old versions and the latest one :-) And yes you can migrate your data - but you need to install version 2012 first and migrate your data to that version - 2010 R2 is too old for direct migration
Hi, I logged into my account but can't find my licence. It's odd that logging into my account is a different password than using the forum. I had to do a reset.

So I guess my only option is to buy another licence and hope it will work with version 2010. If not, I'll have to upgrade. Is version 2012 still available for download? If so provide link if possible.


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