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Better visilibity when entering/in offline mode
Hi Smile

We have around 50 users on ASG-RD 2015 Patch 6.
Persons that often move their laptop around have given me feedback that they fint it hard to notice if they end up in offline mode.

Should there be some kind of popup when automatically entering offline mode?
Or is it possible to show some kind of warning/info symbol somewhere visible when in offline mode?

Cause if they do property changes, everything they have done is discarded. Without them knowing they where in offline mode at the momemt they do the changes.

Perhaps it could also be a option to give a warning every time you enter the properties tab of a object when in offline mode?

Like: " Exclamation Warning: You are in offline mode. Changes will be discarded when you reconnect to the database."
At the moment you get a message if connection to the database is lost and offline mode is starting - and again, if you are ending the program in offline mode and starting again there is a message "Do you want to continue in Offline mode?" - and in the status bar you can see an offline icon...

For the next major version it is planned to sync back chnaged data from offline mode...
Hi Oliver Smile

Thanks for the update.
I will do some more testing myself then. They told me they did not get a warning and when I testet manually setting offline mode I did not see anything after the initial warning with the data not beeing saved.

But perhaps it acts differently if network connection is dropped compared to me manually testing.

Is the icon on the status bar only visible when connection is dropped? Or am I blind? hehe Smile

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