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Sync Offline Changes
Dear Community
There are many System Engineers in our environment using ASG Remote Desktop 2015 with an XML data source on their devices. Everyone has his own data source on his device. These Engineers are usually only one day in the main office. During the other days they are at the clients offices.

Our support team in the main office is also using ASG Remote Desktop 2015, but they are using an SQL Express Database as data source.

The main reason why our System Engineers use an XML data source is, that they want to save changes when they are outside of the main office. And our securtiy does not allow to connect directly to the SQL source from outside.
So when our Engineers come back to the main office, they manually export their changes and import it to the SQL source.

Will there be a feautre released like "Offline Sync". That means when you are not connected to the main office you are able to save changes on your local disk. And when you are connect to the main office and the SQL data source is available there will be a popup (for example: Would you like to sync your changes to the SQL data source?). Is a feature like planned to be released?

Thank you for your feedback
Yes, it is on the feature list and will be in one of the next versions :-)
Great. I'm pleased to hear that. Smile

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