ASG-RD 2015 - Patch8
So I did a test with missing Profile - that caused not the error - everything is working fine.

Some more suggestions:
Do the users have enough rights to read the data from AllUsers-Profile? I think they have, else the environments would also not be shown when you remove /loginsubmit...
Can you use a cmd file for running the app under Citrix? There might be an return code from calling the CloudAdminConsole.exe - perhaps you can catch this return Code by a second command line: ECHO %ERRORLEVEL% - that would give me a hint - if the Login fails there are different return codes
And one more - I think you checked that before - but only to be sure - is the working dir of the published app is set correctly?
If a new user is using ASGRD once without the command line Switches - can this users Login silently after first Login? If not it has really nothing to do with Profile.xml

I want to find a solution for you - Patch9 is ready for Publishing and I try to fix 2 issues first - one is yours :-)
(11-09-2015, 03:03 AM)jesternzl Wrote: If you have never connected to the database before (ie new user) then using the /loginsubmit switch will always fail as your profile.xml
is not created untill after you have connected to an environment via the environment manager.

Just a quit thought did you try to push the profile.xml to the clients PC's.
you could put that in their loginscript, or like i did in the install procedure.
We use a named connection to the database and then passthrough authentication. New users don't have to create a profile in this way.

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