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List box positioning required
When I hit the quick connect dialog, when my focus is in the credentials list box, I should be able to type the first character to position to the first matching entry. If there are duplicates, repeating the character should let me cycle through them. This is pretty standard list box behavior and it's been a gap in the product as long as I can remember. This lets me easily select a credential by letter, or my preference, name them with a leading number.

Also, to get more focus, I'm going to mention 2 bugs here as well, both in the quick connect dialogue. I will submit them in the forum as well.

1. Sporadically, the dialog is coming up with the "connect" button selected. Not strictly tied to when you tabbed focus to the connect button on previous use. The problem with this is that if I hit the quick connect toolbar button, the dialog appears with the cursor in the computer field, but the focus on the Connect button. If I type a C as the first letter of the computer name, it immediately tries to connect with the incomplete hostname. Very irritating. This seems to be new behavior on 2015, we were on 2012 before.

2. There's a hard tab stop on the connect button. Normal behavior on input panels is to let you continuously cycle through fields with tab, repeating from the top when you get to the end. You can of course go backward with shift tab, but it's often more convenient to simply tab back around if you miss your field. It's probably a simple checkbox in the IDE, so putting this on a todo list would be welcome.
0. Type character in DropDown-Tree - yes, I can confirm - but the Setting for that is enabled but is not working - I put in on the Feature list to implement a custom solution for that

1. I think I found that issue - should be fixed in next Version

2. I know that issue - it's something with the used "Docking Windows" - tab do not start at Position 1 after reached the end - but I do not know why - I will also write it to the bug list, but don't know at the moment when and how to solve it
One day, and a response already, with solid responses to 2/3 questions, and a "I'll put it on the list to search for a solution". Wow.

I wish all application support was like ASG-RD.


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