ASG-RD 2015 - Patch11 (Build 8.0.5091.0)
Patch11 of ASG-RD 2015 is available!

If you have already installed any ASG-RD 2015 version you need to close your application and then install the Patch11 version. You don't need to uninstall your old version.

For Upgrade-Users (from version 2012):
If you want to migrate your data from 2012 version you can do inside a new environment in 2015 - so you could not connect to an old environment (as in the past) - you need to create a new environment and select "Environment=>Upgrade from 2012".

ASG-RD 2015 Patch11
ASG-RD 2015 Patch11 (incl. SQL Express)

For any feedback you can use this sub forum or the main forum of ASG-RD.

The following ReleaseNotes describes the fixed issues and new features.


- Column 'IP address' will be exported correctly when using csv export
- Profile-Settings (only personal) are displayed correctly
- Security-Setting for connections 'Set assigned default credentials' is working correctly
- Change of 'Color style' (Profile data) is saved and applied correctly
- Registry access on 64bit systems for 'RDP - Enable plugins' fixed

New features/enhancements

- Added 'Connect to console' for HyperV (Sync of HyperV host has to be run once again to enable)
- New option 'Sync all objects in flat hierarchy' in ActiveDirectory-Sync
When updating an installation on the SQL Express machine, do I need to use the ASG-RD 2015 Patch11 (incl. SQL Express), or without the SQL Express..
Any news on fixing the issue with default connection properties not being saved between sessions?

It's very annoying having to reset settings like "server authentication" and remote keyboard combinations every time you open the application.

ich bekomme nach dem Upate vom Patch 8 auf 11 immer die Meldung
"Lizenz nicht gültig, bitte importieren.." Nach dem wiederholten installieren vom Patch 8 läuft das Programm wieder.

@k-bytes: If you won't create a new sql instance you don't need the sqlversion

@8i5: We can't reproduce that - perhaps would be better in an own thread to go on - can you send me a backup of your database for analysing?

@persi: Bitte die Maintenance prüfen (im Info=>About-Dialog)-wenn die Maintenance < 01.12.2015 ist, kann die Lizenz nicht für Patch11 verwendet werden und muss erneuert werden
[quote='DevOma' pid='43331' dateline='1450041884']
@k-bytes: If you won't create a new sql instance you don't need the sqlversion

@DevOma Thx!!
Hy Oliver,

Together with the (wish for the) fix for the Search/Scroll issue in the tree-pane (see my posts in patch10 topic - not fixed in this patch11), I also wish if you can add the feature for a dropdown button at the end of the tabs of the openend connections...

Thanks in advance!

Search issue:
[Image: search-scroll-issue-asgrd2015.JPG?dl=0]
[Image: 1soAVr3qhdWbocFy7bMIuM7BGC9KWLRwzl4MkANc...ize_mode=3]
I recently upgraded to this version and now when I synchronize objects with VMware vSphere, the destination is not populated with the IP or hostname on some servers. It worked with patch 10 and now appears broke in patch 11, I reverted to patch 10 and oddly enough still have the same issue. I am just not getting IP addresses for a few servers when I have IPv4 => Name/Destination selected for Mapping. It is consistent with subsequent synchronizations same results.

I have many servers that have many IP addresses, such as web servers, and servers with storage NICs. When the VMware synchronization happens, it usually populates the destination with the last IP/NIC as listed in vSphere server properties. Which sometimes is an APIPA address on an old NIC long since removed.
Is there a way to subscribe to an ASG Remote Desktop updates newsletter or release notes forum thread ?
I wish to be informed when a patch is released as I need to deploy this at my company.

Currently there is a new thread created for each new patch. I do not wish to receive notifications for each new post in < Forums/ASG Products/ASG Remote Desktop Support/ASG-RD 2015 >, only for the important threads containing update information ... but it is the only option at the moment.
You are right - perhaps it's better to have one thread like "Important informations / Updates" and create there new infos like new Updates...
Yes, that would be a good solution Oliver.
how do i know if we are running the SQL version?
"SQL version setup" has only one difference - it copy the installation files for SQLExpress to your install folder - and so your are able to create a MSSQL Express Instance - but you can always run your environment in any database environment, makes no difference what you install...
Thank you Sir!

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