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AD-sync Add description next to name
When adding servers with AD-sync, I would like to merge the AD description field with the server name.
I our enviroment we use generic names for the servers, eg srvapp001,srvapp002,srvdb001,srvfile001 etc.
Then we use the description-property to describe what the server are for, eg file_Marketing, backupp, Web_frontend etc.

I would like to have the option to merge the description property with the servername when syncing with AD, srvapp001 (Web_frontend), srvfile001 (file_Marketing).

I know that the description is showed when I open the properties of a connection but it would be much clearer and faster for me to see it next to the name

You also can use the tooltip to see the description field (check your settings)
yes, the tooltip shows the description, but with over hundreds of servers I don't want to drag the mouse over everyone to find the right one.

Although I found that the search-tab shows the description so my request might be a "want to" rather than "needs".

But I found that the quick-search field above the tree-view don't look at the description, please fix that.

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